Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Anton Gone

Anton Ferdinand's move to Sunderland has finally been confirmed for an 'undisclosed fee'. Alan Curbishley said on Ferdinand's departure that "I am also looking to bring in one or two players."

However Curbishley's statement, as well as the statement of Scott Duxbury, is full of assurances that the club has adequate back-up and that this will be an opportunity for some of the youngsters at the club.

Expect lots of hand wringing after the transfer window closes about not being able to find the right players at the right price.


At 6:00 PM, Blogger Simon said...

this is a joke. selling a young, up and coming englishman because he refused to sign a new deal?
sunderlands gain and our loss. If we dont sign anyone as backup, heads will be rolling...

At 6:42 PM, Anonymous Goatygav said...

Mixed feelings here. £7M for Ferdinand, if that's the correct figure, is a good bit of business. There does, however, remain the fact that the board stated, when they took over the club, that their intention was to build a team with the products of it's academy at it's core. They went on to say that gone were the days where we'd sell the players who break through from Tony Carr's fine tutelage. This sale represents a break of that promise. It's this that I'm most disappointed with. Why should we now believe that Noble, Tomkins, Sears, Collison et al are going to be flogged in time too?

At 7:47 PM, Anonymous West_Ham said...

Simon, an even bigger joke would be to keep Ferdinand with him not giving his all for the club, only for him to walk on a free in two years time.

At 8:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The club won't renegotiate with Green as he is under contract. They sell Ferdinand because he won't renegotiate his contract.

£7m or £8m won't be good business if we get relegated and knocked out of the cups early.

I think a number of people are forgetting that there's no point selling players for a good price if you replace them with worse players - if you replace them at all.

The squad already looks short on quality and pace - why on earth would you sell one of the few players who can actually run and has somne physical presence.

Tompkins doesn't seem ready in my opinion, and in any case he injured, and likely to be so for some time. Collins has never managed more than a dozen or so games without being injured amd Gabiddon has been out for getting on for a year.

The evidence is stacking up that the club has financial problems. How on earth can the club buy a new training ground and move to a new 50000/60000 stadium when we can't keep together an average, at best, Premiership squad.

How does it make sense to pay Lundjberg £6m and then sign Behrami for £5m? Surely we should have kept Lundbjerg until Dyer returned to fitness and/or Faubert showed he can actually play football (and run). If anyone's contract should be paid up its the captain - he must be the worst right back in the Premiership, and an even worse left back!

I sincerely hope the current owners have a cunning plan for turning thing round but I am not holding my breath. BAldrick for manager anyone?

Paul Anderson.

At 9:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul Anderson seems an articulate sensible person. Does he think Sheffield United have taken control of our finances? If this isn't the case, the Board must be the worst in the division, they even appear to make T W****r Browne and his cronies look honest.

Why sell Ferdinand and keep the Upson donkey?

Why buy has beens such as LBM and FRed L in the first place?

Anyone want a couple of tickets in DM Lower?

At 9:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been a fan since the early 60's i have seen the good (all to infrequent!!!) and the bad.
I am frankly amazed we seem to be selling (again) all our young quality players, can anyone tell me the reasoning behind this has anyone at this club got any ambition, or are we always going to be making up the numbers in the premiership.
I can't believe ferdinand has gone to sunderland!!!
who's next i wonder?.
Looking at the two performances so far the season might as well end now.
what plans have the managemant got to put it right, when are we going to see the football from our team that we used to see.
Heres my plan get rid of curbishly before we turn in to charlton, get bilic in asap at what ever the cost.
and buy some quality players who are not injury prone waste of spaces.
I was priviliged to see Bobby Moore play god how i wish he had his like today.
Bob Vale

At 12:53 AM, Blogger Simon said...

agree with bob and paul alot.
we havent signed anyone to strengthen the first team apart from behrami. yet we sell good squad players such as paintsil, zamora(both look decent at fulham), freddie payoff of a few million and now anton - who is still rated highly in my own estimation as a central defender, ive seen him play some incredible performances for this club

its all gone to s**t, we are in a massive depression and our board and chairman dont seem to want to stretch the budget to bring in quality.

im highly annoyed at this, if we dont sign anyone to replace we are in deep s**t..

At 12:55 AM, Blogger Simon said...

oh and in responce to west_ham
thats fine if we sell anton and replace him with a quality defender within the next 3 days
can you really see curbs bringing that kind of quality in?
id be happy to let him go free if it means saving us from a relegation battle again...

At 4:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

we will be bringing in 3 very good players this week !!! watch this space !!! and i beleive we will coz there forieng and dont know how shite curbs is at this level !!!


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