Sunday, August 31, 2008

West Ham Win Not Reviewed

I can't be bothered with the newspaper write ups for this West Ham victory. This match was built up by the press to be a game where working class cockney types would be confused by their hatred for both team's managers. That fact that neither manager was eaten alive by the West Ham fans was never going to stop the media ignoring the football on offer and having a pop at the West Ham fans anyway.

After trying to whip up the West Ham fans all week to give Ince a proper East End welcome it isn't much of a surprise that the newspapers failed to notice that Ince was largely ignored. Similarly the fact that Alan Curbishley wasn't harangued from the stands didn't stop The Mail calling West Ham fans the 'most fickle in football'. But that's just what we've come to expect from a newspaper that is the 'shittiest in Fleet Street'.

Disappointed that West Ham didn't lose, The Mail was forced to fantasise instead,

"Make no mistake: if West Ham had lost, or even drawn this match, Curbishley would have been as much of a target as Ince."

So that's not much then. Make no mistake: if The Mail had any integrity they wouldn't be having wet dreams over fantasises of West Ham losing.

Hopefully after the next game the newspapers will review the football and not the terraces.


At 10:29 AM, Anonymous barry robinson said...

papers are shit f**k'em WEST HAM TILL I DIE !!!!!

At 1:17 PM, Anonymous Common Sense Balls said...

Well no, sorry, but I have to go ahead and disagree here. You might be thinking of this in the limited context of the latesttreatment of CURBS. It really isn't about this latest incident. Fans really need to learn the "either you are with us or against us" mantra. Booing our own whilst on the pitch is really unacceptable -maybe even disgraceful. If that's what you do -how you think you are supporting the team- then you are like the fickle wife who shouts "divorce" as soon as her husband loses his job. Why do the work of the opposition for them?

At 12:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If a player is shit or a manager is shit they deserve to get booed. They get paid millions for having a skill, so if they don't perform and still get paid millions why should we respect them?

At 10:35 PM, Anonymous SmallBalls said...

Maybe, just maybe, because you want to have some respect for yourself.


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