Friday, September 26, 2008

FA Panel Fundamentally Flawed

Alan Curbishley, speaking to Setanta, said that the argument that one player can be responsible for saving a side from relegation is 'fundamentally flawed'.

I think their argument is fundamentally flawed,” Curbishley told the Friday Football Show.

“Over 38 games, with the 20 teams competing against each other, to say that one player alone can be responsible for a team staying up… You’ve got to take into consideration that Carlos Tevez didn’t score for 18 games.

“In the run-in he did score, but there were a number of contributing factors. The team was settled, only 13 players were used in the run-in for the last nine games, we kept five clean sheets, we won games 1-0. So has the back four got nothing to do with that result?

“In some of the games Carlos Tevez was substituted before the end. For the football side of it it’s fundamentally flawed to say one player is solely responsible for the team being successful.

“You have to take into consideration Sheffield United’s situation in all of this. They went on a run in their last seven or eight games where they hardly picked any points up. So aren’t they culpable as well?

“There are so many aspects of football and in the game that you cannot pin it on one player.


At 1:56 AM, Blogger Simon said...

beautifully put mr curbishley. i respect him even more now

At 10:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think we all have a lot of respect for alan curbishly. its a shame that none of us wanted him as our manager! i think the guy has guts and i will always remember him for his determination and for being man enough to stand by his morals. ex players are often in a no-win situation when they manage their old clubs. look at hoddle at sp@rs etc. we now remember curbishly as the manager that didn't quite get what west ham was all about, the man that player for nil nils with a lone striker. we don't think of him as the boy that climbed out of the north bank and put on a hammers shirt like we might have before.
this is why brooking will never manage west ham, he's too intelligent to pick up the poisened challace.


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