Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fot the Attention of Henry Winter

Henry Winter of The Daily Telegraph apparently persuaded the FA Tribunal that West Ham would not have beaten Man Utd without Tevez. The arbitration panel seemed to accept that amazing clairvoyance on Winter's part and also ignore the fact that West Ham would have stayed up anyway without Tevez's goal.

Obviously Winter and the arbitration panel ignored the fact that West Ham picked up more points when Tevez wasn't playing for the team than when he was.

West Ham without Tevez:
P12 W4 D3 L5 Points per game: 1.25

West Ham with Tevez:
P26 W8 D2 L16 Points per game: 1

According to the BBC West Ham are planning to approach the Court of Arbitration for Sport about the tribunal's ruling. The BBC claim that West Ham can actually do this. By agreeing to the arbitration (in fact West Ham could do nothing but agree) West Ham are not able to appeal the decision in a court of law. CAS is not a court of law so West Ham are able to appeal the decision there.

The BBC say this move by West Ham is likely to delay the tribunal's compensation decision, which was probably going to be announced early next year.


At 8:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah i read that article as well, what a wise man Henry Winter is - Tevez certainly kept us up, what with the goal and the defending and the goal keeping he did - superb work, he was definitely the soul reason we stayed up. In fact, why did we bother paying the other players wages when we had Tevez who could win a game on his own? We're idiots, obviously.

Sarcasm aside, that Henry Winter guy such a tool, it really pissed me off the way he went on about that goal. It's so stupid that such a big fuss is made of this and that we're branded cheats all over the place when it was a stupid rule we broke anyway, one we could've got away with if only we'd worded the contract differently (or so I heard somewhere). And Warnock really riled me up with his over dramatic rant too, hes a jackass too.

On another note, I got a lot of pleasure hearing about Sheffield Utd's thumping from Arsenal! by a bunch of kids too!

At 11:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that there appears to be no relevance in AC taking over as manager.

Tevez and Mascherano were there under pardew and nothing much happened. Just maybe it was trhe change of management that kept us up. Just and idea.

Also the fact that tevez and Maserano were played is the issue (for which we have already been fined). It should make no difference as to whehter he was succesful or otherwise.

if this is accepted it set a stupid precedent. Will Watford be suing Reading for the game on saturday of the dont make the play offs?


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