Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tevez - Six Goals in a Season

Sheffield United seem to be crowing about the FA arbitration panel's findings before it has made any announcement, clearly in breach of the panel's rules. Because McCabe is breaking the rules in this way we know that the panel's official announcement will say that,

"We have no doubt that West Ham would have secured at least three fewer points over the 2006-07 season if Carlos Tevez had not been playing for the club. We think it more likely than not on the evidence we heard that even over the final two games of the season West Ham would have achieved at least three points less overall without Mr Tevez."

This judgement is perverse in the extreme and seems to completely misunderstand football. As a striker for West Ham Carlos Tevez scored six goals in the whole season, so in no way can it be argued that Carlos Tevez saved West Ham from relegation.

Because the panel has not announced its findings Sheffield United are also clearly breaking the terms of arbitration.

The Sheffield United website currently states:

"Sheffield United have been told they have been successful in their claim for compensation against West Ham over the Carlos Tevez affair."

As the panel have not made their findings public yet this is clearly in breach of Rule 6(b) of Arbitration.

"Except with the prior written agreement of the parties to the arbitration, no disclosure shall be made to any third party of the existence of the proceedings, the contents of any documents or other evidence produced in the arbitration or any procedural decision of the Tribunal or its Award, or any part of them save and to the extent that disclosure may be required of a party by legal duty, to protect or pursue a legal right or to enforce an award."


At 3:45 PM, Blogger BigPirate said...

If true, the ruling amazes me. To assume there is no chance West Ham would have avoided relegation without those six particular goals is unfathomable. On the field, the rules are the rules. Nothing can be assumed. Maybe if Tevez doesn't play, another player scores eight goals in that span. That is a terrible argument but it is just as valid as the one the tribunal used.



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