Sunday, September 21, 2008

Zola Delighted With West Ham

Gianfranco Zola is delighted with his first West Ham win and acknowledges the players and Alan Curbishley.


At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree strongly with the "we did nothing" comment. For example, Green was clearly given a ban on punting/long kicks. For the last 40 games, Green takes the ball and boots it down the field, inevitably giving possession away except for the rare instances when Carlton Cole had a good first touch. Yesterday, Green rolled the ball to a defender all but 2 times, and every single time in the first half. The wingbacks (Faubert, Ilunga) played much, much higher in possession and were clearly given freedom to push forward. Faubert did far better at right back than Behrami had, and it was good to see a left back at left back. Etherington was given freedom to cross into the middle or the right, rather than playing wide left. Noble was listed as left midfield in a 4-3-3, but he played partner with Parker in the middle.


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