Tuesday, October 07, 2008

No Money for Transfers

Scott Duxbury has issued an official statement on the official club website. The statement starts by saying that the position of Landsbanki will have no effect on West Ham.

Unsurprisingly everything Duxbury says after that contradicts the statement. Duxbury in effect confirms that there will be no money available for Zola in January and strongly hints that Zola will have to sell players.

Duxbury claims that,

"Since his appointment, Gianfranco Zola has made it quite clear that his first-team squad is too large and needs to be reduced so he can effectively coach the team."

Obviously Zola has been saying nothing else apart from 'I want to play attractive, entertaining football so sell all my players and leave me with Quashie.'

Dubury concludes by saying,

"Mr Gudmundsson remains fully committed to the success of this football club."

Why would anyone doubt anything Scott Duxbury says?

Hmm, watch this space ...


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