Saturday, January 03, 2009

West Ham 3 Barnsley 0

West Ham played well this afternoon to defeat a flu decimated Barnsley team. Zola took the opportunity to rest Upson and Behrami, neither of whom made the squad, and Parker was suspended.

Mark Noble took his starting opportunity well and was the man of the match in the first half. In the 9th minute Noble crossed a free kick into the box and Ilunga shot home from close range. In the 38th minute Noble turned Mounir El Haimour in the box. Haimour took Noble down and Noble converted the penalty.

In the second half Carlton Cole had one amazing Maradona type run, beating half the Barnsley team as he weaved his way into the area. Unfortunately he was unable to convert the opportunity. However in the 68th minute Cole headed a Ilunga goal home from six-yards.

Dyer came on in the 70th minute. He had two good shots. Just missing with his very first touch and hitting the woodwork late on.

You have to love the cup. Chelsea failed to beat Southend at home (1-1) and Man City lost 0-3 at home to Forest. Who would want to move City?

Elsewhere the Leyton Orient vs Sheffield Utd game was suspended because of the weather. It is understood that Sheffield Utd have already filed a claim in the high court against West Ham.

There is a planned one minute's silence in this evening's Preston v Liverpool game in support of the Steven Gerrard is Innocent campaign.


At 7:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The same Carlton Cole that you moronically suggested be dropped. 3 goals in 3 games. Until and unless we find someone better I suggest you shut the junk up and start supporting West Ham players as opposed to printing tripe. And as opposed to applauding the sale of strikers 4 months ago,leaving us desperately short of options up front. wake up. sometime this decade please.

At 4:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be honest it is typical of Carlton to be in good form at one point and then some terrible form in the next, he is probably the best we have available except bellamy, but the bad form can run for so long that it costs us a lot of points look at Chelsea and quite a lot of games up until his 3 goals in 3 games streak. To be even more frank he is definetly not a top striker, there has been a lot of potential that hasn't been built with, don't get me wrong though this does not mean he is absolutely pony. Anyway i don't think the writer is dissapointed Carlton is doing well as its good for west ham, on the other hand when he does badly it just lands us in the shit and its understandable that he should be dropped. By the way who the fuck says shut the "junk up"?


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