Saturday, January 31, 2009

West Ham on Match of the Day - Just

It was very surreal watching Match of the Day this evening. When it got to 10.30 and the Arsenal vs West Ham game still hadn't been shown I convinced myself I must have nodded off without realising it and missed the highlights of the game.

West Ham fans are used to our team going out last in the running order on Match of the Day but when was the last time Arsenal were shown last on Match of the Day? Without checking I would guess it was the last time they played West Ham.

West Ham fans have joked for a few years about the hatred that someone in the Match of the Day team must have for West Ham. West Ham are invariably one of the last two teams in the running order, except on the odd occasion we play one of the so called 'big four'.

On Wednesday, after West Ham played some of the best football I've seen by any team this season, West Ham were put on second to last and it was the only game not discussed by the pundits.

Tonight there was the huge story of Arsenal needing a win to stay in touch with the top four. If Arsenal had been playing any other team I would assume there would have been a lengthy discussion about Arsenal's failure to score at home and the danger of them not qualifying for the Champions League. However for the second game in a row Match of the Day had no discussion of the West Ham game, even at the expense of one of the 'big four'.

At least Match of the Day proved tonight that I am not paranoid and they actually do hate us with a vehemence.

Now does anyone know why?


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