Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Slow West Ham News Day

The Guardian has an interview with West Ham manager Gianfranco Zola. The most interesting bit of the interview is when Zola explains that he takes charge of coaching the defence, whilst Steve Clarke trains the attackers.

However with not much other West Ham news around some of the newspapers decided to just make some stuff up.

The Sun has the most ridiculous story I've heard in years. They say West Ham now eat pizzas after games and are worried about a food fight with Man Utd after the game. Yawn!

The Daily Mail almost compete with The Sun in the let's just make something up stakes. They say that Alex Ferguson has no idea why West Ham fans hate Man Utd so much. However if you read the article it is clear they haven't spoken to Ferguson about this and he hasn't said any such thing.

The Mail did speak to Alan Pardew, who does say that there is always an 'extra intensity' to Man Utd games at The Boleyn. Why The Mail think they have to pretend that Ferguson was part of the discussion when he so clearly wasn't is beyond me.


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