Friday, March 13, 2009

West Ham to Pay Blades £25 million

The Mail and The Times are now reporting that West Ham are to pay Sheffield Utd £25 million in supposed compensation for the Blades being one of the worst football teams to ever grace the Premier League.

The Times say, "West Ham have agreed to pay the Yorkshire club compensation of £10 million, with a further £15 million in the form of a bond that is payable over the next five years."

I can't fully explain how angry I am about this. Yesterday I was irritated about West Ham agreeing to pay Sheffield Utd £10 million, but justified it to myself by thinking at least this was the end of the whole affair.

But £25 million! That means that the 32,000 odd average fans who regularly attend West Ham games will be paying in the region of £780 out of their own pockets to Sheffield United simply for being an awful football team.

After this affair has finally been put to bed Terence Brown will be a significantly richer man, Gudmundsson will be poorer but will probably have made tens of million pounds out of his temporary ownership of the club and Scott Duxbury will have pulled in a considerable salary. It seems that the only people getting screwed here are the fans.

Surely it must be nearly time for the club to announce their yearly 10% hike in ticket prices.


At 8:16 AM, Anonymous West_Ham said...

Completely agree. Sheff Utd are so deluded it would be laughable if it weren't true.

That latest arbitration decision seriously needs to be scrutinised. I would still like to know what conclusive proof was provided that illustrated that we definitely broke further rules. This is what the £25m hinges on and so far all we have been given is the hearsay/opinions of Kia's lawyer.

It's a sad day for football if this is true and Sheff Utd will forever be held responsible for setting this precendent.


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