Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sp#rs 1 West Ham 0

T#ottenham, at home, with a side that cost over £100 million more than a patched up team of West Ham players, many of them playing out of position, struggled to get a win. In the first half Sp#rs had the better of the possession but West Ham coped well in defence and managed to create a couple of half decent chances themselves.

Green was twice forced into saves in the first half. On the half hour mark Huddlestone shot from just outside the area and Green did well to dive and save the ball to his right. A minute later and Green was forced into another save when Keane shot from just outside the penalty area.

In the 26th minute Noble played an intelligent chip over the defence into the area for Boa-Morte but Gomez was able to climb over Boa-Morte to get the ball away. In the 34th minute Noble floated a freekick into the penalty area, the ball was cleared to Di-Michele, wide left of the goal, who volleyed the ball first time forcing Gomez into a save. In the 36th minute Di Michele had the opportunity to play Stanislas clear, who was unmarked to his left, but decided to shoot from outside the area instead. His shot was easliy blocked by the defence.

Seven minutes into the second half and Di Michele should have scored for West Ham. A punt up field by Green eluded Woodgate and Di Michele was clean through on goal seven yards out. Unfortunately Di Michele shot weakly straight at Gomez. In the 64th minute Pavlyuchenko turned Collins and scored from seven yards.

Sp#rs didn't create much more after that, although they had a good chance to extend the lead when West Ham were pushing forward late on. Sp#rs broke and Green did well to save at Lennon's feet, the ball bounced out to Keane on the edge of the area and Collins did well to clear off the line.

Late on Di Michele had a couple of more chances to get an equaliser. In the 87th minute he shot from ten yards but the shot was saved by Gomez. In the 91st minute Di Michele turned the Sp#rs defence three times but eventually his shot was blocked.

In the end a very weakened West Ham side were probably unlucky to lose against the home side. With Parker, Kovac, Collison, Behrami, Cole and Ashton fit we would have probably beaten this bunch by three or four clear goals ;)


At 5:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given how depleted the side was by injuries ,I thought that we put in a creditable performance. Tott didn t create that many chances when they had possession ,and there were periods of the match when we controlled the flow. Unfortunately,when we had a couple chances ,we didn't quite do enuf with them. I felt that despite being forced to field a very young side,and play a couple people out of possession ,we played decent football ,even after we fell behind. Big difference from the same fixture last season.

At 12:42 AM, Blogger Rory Johnson said...

1-0 in your cup final.

your team was shit.

you've practically handed us europe just as our feeder club should. thank you very much

At 2:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FFS, look at the table you twat. You're still looking up at that so-called "feeder" club. How's that working out for you, ya mug.

At 7:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


can you do us a favor, and put "rory johnson",
one of life's major losers,in the dustbin where he

Tottenham Snotspur- the biggest underachievers in europe.

money can t buy you love. especially when you are the outcasts of society

At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take a look at this failure "rory. he looks even more of BERK than he sounds.

At 2:21 PM, Blogger Keir Clarke said...

I'm not going to put Rory in the dustbin. In fact I think you should go and read his blog.

His pastiche of a seven year old boy's homework piece on "What I did at the weekend" is a work of genius. If you didn't know better you would truly believe he is only seven year's old.

Rory - I do apologise if this isn't meant to be a pastiche and that you actually suffer from learning difficulties.

At 1:02 AM, Anonymous Bimmi said...

"Tottenham Snotspur- the biggest underachievers in europe."

what a ridiculous and childish statement..

not least because you've labelled us as underachievers therefore implying that we should be challenging for higher things.. well thanks for the compliment.. i agree with you, we should be ahieving better things..

now can we please get one thing straight.. you can spit firy hatred our way as much as you lot like but there is no rivalry to speak of between West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur..

we don't give two f*cks about you.. we don't love you, we dont hate you... we 'nothing' you...

now you can hark on all you want about being above us in the table (something in itself is quite sad as surely any football club should aim to win things) but you won't be there for much longer so i would suggest enjoying it while you can.. you deserve your "success".. when's the award cere..oh wait..

finally.. 2 League Titles, 8 FA Cups, 4 League Cups, 2 UEFA Cups, 1 Cup-Winners Cup... we're not exactly a dominant force in the game but it sure beats the hell out 3 FA Cups and a Cup-Winners Cup... oh and a charity bloody shield..

what was that about underachieving??

but then again you did single-handedly win the World Cup..

At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kenny says

I would think that one of the problems that you have had is exactly the points you raise, as being feathers in your cap.

You dont hate or love us, and we are nothgin, i assume becasue you think you are above us, that we are not threat and no rival.

Clearly the fact that you have come onto a west ham blog to comment shows that there is rivalry, so much so tha you and Mr Johson have thought the need to gloat.

When you eventually realise that, no you are not a top four club, you are lucky to be a top ten club, then things might be a bit easier for you. the arrogance of thinkng that you are above us, when clearly you are not and have never been all season. These last two seasons you have spent big big sums. Last saturday 8 of our team were under 23 with many of them being home grown....and you were lucky to get a result. We are a good team, but dont pretend to be something tha we are no. You should think on!

As for the underachievers tag i can only say that this is due to the overinflated and undeserved self importance and the huge amounts of money being thrown around. It is not to say that you should or deserve to be competeing at a higher level. You dont. Besides, not sure why you think you should be in Europe. Hardly gave it much of a go this season.

...and yes we did sinlgle handedly win the world better believe it.


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