Saturday, May 23, 2009

Neill Talks Tomorrow

According to The Sun Lucas Neill is to hold last ditch contract talks with West Ham. The paper says that Neill wants to stay at West Ham as long as they offer him a two year contract at £60,000 a week.

The Sun say West Ham want a longer deal with a lower salary.

The Daily Mail today have a long interview with West Ham goalkeeper Robert Green. Green says he is impressed with what he has seen of Zola this season,

"There has been some upheaval here this season with a change in manager,’ says Green. ‘But after what looked like a real baptism of fire for him, the new manager has
done tremendously well.

‘He’s introduced a new brand of football. Changed the way we play. I think everyone has benefited, including me when it comes to distribution.

‘Now that we are being encouraged to play football, and the guys have the confidence to play the ball, I have been able to release the ball from the hand a lot more."


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