Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Neill May Stay at West Ham

Lucas Neill's agent claims that talks are still going on between the West Ham captain and the club despite Neill refusing West Ham's latest offer,

"The last offer was declined because Lucas didn't feel it reflected his value as a player and captain. Negotiations have been amicable and we hope we can still reach an agreement.

"The door remains open for West Ham and Lucas. Obviously the longer it goes on, the more likely it's not going to happen. There has been other interest from clubs in England and in Europe but it's still very early stages. Lucas is hopeful something can be agreed with West Ham."

The Guardian today has a round-up of the transfer market plans of clubs in the Premier League.

The paper says that Zola has suggested he will have funds to buy players this summer. The paper also lists Matthew Upson as a possible departure from the club.

Possible departures: Walter López, Lucas Neill, Diego Tristán, Luis Boa Morte (all out of contract), David Di Michele , Jan Lastuvka (both end of loan), Lee Bowyer, Nigel Quashie, Kyel Reid, Jimmy Walker, Freddie Sears (loan), Matthew Upson

Possible arrivals: Radoslav Kovac (Spartak Moscow), Matthew Bates (Middlesbrough), Eric Djemba-Djemba (Odense), Djibril Cisse (Marseille)


At 3:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neill is a good player but his wages are high and hes 31 so if we can get someone else in I would say let him go to man city or whereever. As for possible "outs" i agree with all, Sears needs to go on loan and hopefully we keep Upson (also i do like DDM, he is clever player but lacks pace and strength)...as for "ins"...Bates? Cisse? Djemba Djemba? NO!!!!! How about Tuncay? Keiran Richardson? Nolan and S. Taylor at Newcastle......

At 7:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

agree on tuncay - wud be great addition. even the other young boro forward,mennes,cud be useful as he looks a better version of sears.

think previous comment sums up Neill- still a gud player ,but he's getting on and clearly lacks pace. is he worth 60k a week ,especially in a recession? I don t think so. bring in a younger ,fitter player ,even if less experienced.

At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeh i agree.....Heill is a lot of money for someone who is unlikely to improve. Lets bring in a new full back.....would love to see glenn johnson back at west ham but cant see us getting him..... (turtle man)


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