Friday, January 29, 2010

Duxbury Resigns from West Ham

Scott Duxbury has resigned as chief executive of West Ham.

Somehow this resignation seemed inevitable once the club was taken over. Whether it was Duxbury's fault or not, he has been at the helm over a calamitous period at West Ham, including the Tevez and Mascherano affair and near financial disaster.

Duxbury's resignation presumably strengthens the position of vice-chair Karren Brady. Brady seems to have been given the job of drastically cutting costs at West Ham.

David Gold yesterday said,

Karren is our financial doctor. She identifies problems and helps us fix them."

"This is what we are good at and it is a great challenge. All non-footballing costs are being looked at.

"We are looking at absolutely everything. We will not damage the footballing side, but we need to cut costs."


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