Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Massimo Cellino to Bid for West Ham

The BBC are reporting that Italian Massimo Cellini (although I think his name is actually spelt Massimo Cellino) has emerged as a fourth potential bidder for West Ham.

Cellino is the president of Serie A side Cagliari. The BBC are also reporting that "sources close to the club have indicated a deal could be completed by the end of the week."


At 9:08 PM, Anonymous TBI said...

Just amazing. How things change by the day at our club.

At 1:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes & Amen! .. the quicker the better for the club and fans.

At 6:43 AM, Anonymous Tim BKK said...

Just reading the BBC article, I always thought Sullivan was a Gooner. Whoever it is lets hope something happens soon.

At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Translated (badly) from Massimo Cellino's website:

Massimo Cellino was born in Cagliari in 1956. Where he graduated as an accountant for several years and then attended the Faculty of Economics and Commerce.
Interrupted his studies, began working with his father Ercole in the management of family firms. From 1978 to 1983 he moved to Australia, he established fruitful contacts with leading local producers of cereals.

Back in Sardinia, he devoted himself full time to family businesses, restructuring the organization of domestic sales Sardinian.

In 1988 he assumed the management of the Group Cellino and concludes with some important contracts to supply North African countries.

At that time, the Group's companies have spent around three million tons of grain, of which approximately 70% of the whole island, was considered the seventh largest world importer of cereals.

The Cellino Group, with annual consolidated revenues of about 400 billion old lire, between employees (450) industries and workers (estimated at around 1,200) was an important source of income for a considerable number of families sardines. In the years between 1980 and 1990, constitutes and manage themselves some foreign companies, by their nature and name, were created to give support to the Group Companies Sarde.

The careful management of the Company and the dynamism impressed them by Massimo Cellino, high, short term, at very high levels of efficiency and competitiveness by creating these undoubted advantages to the Group Companies Sarde.

The Group has over the years differentiate their commercial interests and business, but its main activity is the marketing and processing of cereals. Today it can be counted among the leading full-milling industries in Europe.

In June 1992, takes over the family property in OrrĂ¹ Cagliari Calcio, involving his family in the management of the Company.

The commitments and responsibilities in the Companies evil be reconciled with those of the Company Cagliari Calcio and, between 1998 and 1999, he resigned from the positions they hold within the family businesses, delivering his brothers in a balance sheet and financial rather than thriving, despite the serious difficulties and vicissitudes through which the Group.

After leaving companies in Cagliari Calcio pours all his energy and the great wealth of experience acquired in his business.

The path to guide the company has never been easy. Italian football is a constant challenge, against the best equipped and most powerful economic realities. Repeatedly expressed weariness and intention to leave, but eventually it always remained in place. In fact, his presidency is the longest in the history of the club rossoblu.

Cagliari Calcio has been included in group A, the one that distinguishes the company as healthy from the point of view. Countless players he discovered and launched the great game.

His commitment and abilities are recognized unanimously by his own colleagues, who elected the Board of the League. He is currently Vice-President of the organism via Rosellini.

In 1994 he realize Assemini Center Ercole Cellino. This is a sports complex with soccer fields and facilities excellent grass level, intended to house the first team and the training of youth work. A real gem that has the admiration from the most important Italian football.

Since 2005 he lives in Miami. Even in Florida has found a way to demonstrate the passion for football. In 2007, government has established a youth football team, the "Cagliari Strike Force", which assumed the colors rossoblu and intentions should become a branch of Cagliari. An investment in a virgin land for football. The new team has already achieved excellent results locally.

The successes achieved in the economic-industrial, in 1994 the American University Columbia University New York NY confers the Honorary Degree in Economics, which is very proud.

Married to Frances Boero, has three sons, Hercules, Edward and Eleanor.


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