Tuesday, March 23, 2010

West Ham 1 Wolves 3

A really awful first half performance from West Ham was exemplified by a terrible back pass by Tomkins in the 28th minute. The ball sent Doyle clean through on goal and he beat Green to give Wolves a deserved lead.

Before that West Ham had suffered an early scare when Foley hit the crossbar from 8 yards after beating Daprela on the right wing. West Ham themselves had a few tame efforts on goal from Parker and Cole which were easily saved.

In the 35th minute Wolves should have had a chance to extend their lead when Kovac clearly took down Doyle inside the West Ham area but a penalty was mysteriously not given.

If West Ham were going to turn it around in the first half then the odds were that Parker would be instrumental and with a minute left he nearly got West Ham back into the game. Parker shot from just outside the area. He beat the keeper but his shot bounced back off the right hand post. Parker followed up and this time his shot from wide left was saved on the line.

West Ham started the second half with Stanislas on for Kovac and Spector on for Tomkins. However the changes did little to make West Ham more effective. It took West Ham 9 minutes to get an effort on goal, which in itself was a tame long range shot from Diamanti.

Then in a couple of minutes Wolves effectively sealed their Premiership status for the season. In the 58th minute Zubar scored from 18 yards from out right in the area firing into the opposite corner of the goal. Two minutes later and Jarvis left Upson and Spector standing and fired home from 20 yards.

In the 69th minute Parker actually put the ball in the net, but only after he had already been given offside. In the 71st minute Franco came on for McCarthy. Three minutes after coming on Franco shot high and wide from the edge of the area. In the 78th minute Franco then did really well to beat two players in the penalty box before seeing his ten yard shot well saved by Hahnemann.

In the 86th minute Diamanti fired a long range effort that Hahnemann again did well to save. In the 90th minute Diamanti again shot, this time from the edge of the area and this time just missing wide of the right hand post. Then in the 92nd minute Behrami played Franco clear and as Hahnemann rushed out Franco delicately lifted the ball over the keeper and the ball bounced into the net.

So it looks even more likely that West Ham could be relegated this season and on this performance thoroughly deserve it. Somehow I think Zola's days could be numbered.


At 10:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shocking!!! Zola has to go!!!

At 11:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

zola is a tosser...spector and kovac woudnt look out of place in leauge 2 yet they start most of the time for us....SHOCKING

At 1:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

never have i felt more ashamed of the team zola tompkins and clark should all be taken out and shot..... absolutely disgusted.


At 4:20 AM, Anonymous Kompound said...

another bad result and not one we can blame on bad luck!, i have always liked Zola and thought with time he would prove to be a good manager and bring in the results.
as much as i still do like the man i feel like he is the cause that we are in the situation we are in and he is not the man to get us out of this, even if we do avoid relegation we are still a team who shouldn't be in this situation in the first place!
I don't usually think bringing a new manager in this late in the season is a good idea especially seeing as we are in a relegation battle but i realy don't see any other way out of this but i wouldn't like a change for anything less then Hughes.

on another topic does anybody else think that relegation may be what our new owners would like being given the chance to sell our top players and maybe clear some of the dept and start again as a new team they have had more of a choice over?

At 8:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have said right from the start Zola was the wrong choice, i also said we were going to struggle and possibly go down this season and it looks sadly like i am been proven right. i can honestly say i that was one of, if not the worst performance by a west ham side at upton park i have ever seen.
i agree with compound zola/clark have to go today and get hughes in asap,
and yes i was one of the many who left before the end
shocking evening is an understatement !!!!!!!!

At 3:15 PM, Anonymous mattmole said...

We are skint the Davids must be hoping resignations come or else he would of been sacked already.

They are pretty shrewd I wonder if the settlement with Curbs includes a clause for him to see the season out if Zola goes.

If not maybe we should switch to 4-5-1 and battle for every point the same as the teams around us.


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