Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blackburn 1 West Ham 1

Green and Stech were both presumably injured as Boffin started in goal. Obinna was also injured. West Ham started with a midfield of Boa Morte, Parker, Spector and Barrera, with Piquionne and Dyer up front.

With the ground hard under foot both sets of players struggled to control the ball which led to a rather scrappy first half. Blackburn had more possession but West Ham probably just edged the chances on goal.

Blackburn's best chances were a couple of freekicks for Pedersson from 20 yards. His first, early on, was blocked by Upson. In the 38th minute he got another chance. This time his shot was on target but it was a fairly comfortable save for Boffin in goal.

At the other end Boa Morte created a good chance for Piquionne, playing the striker clear in the area in the 41st minute. However Piquionne screwed his shot just the wrong side of the left hand post. Three minutes later the roles were reversed when Piquionne set Boa Morte clear. Boa Morte managed to get his shot on target but couldn't beat Robinson in goal.

Five minutes into the second half a series of errors led to a Blackburn goal. First Boffin failed to clear a cross, then Barrera had an age to clear the ball but was robbed on the right wing. The ball was crossed back into the box. Nelson shot from four yards, Boffin saved the shot but the ball bounced back to Nelson who kneed the ball home.

Grant then brought on Cole and Stanislas for Barrera and Spector. West Ham pushed forward looking for the equaliser. They came close in the 70th minute when an Upson reaction shot from 7 yards clipped the left hand post as it flew wide. Four minutes later and Piquionne headed just over from 7 yards from a corner.

West Ham's pressure finally paid off in the 78th minute when Parker surged into the area. The ball deflected wide to Stanislas who fired home from 9 yards. McCarthy then came on for Dyer and had a golden opportunity to get the winner when he was played free by Parker but McCarthy couldn't control the ball on the edge of the area.

With seconds left in the game Blackburn had a good chance to get the winner when they were given a freekick on the edge of the West Ham penalty box. Pedersson however fired his shot just wide of the left hand post.


At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the end a good away point,but still disappointing to not do better against a team w/o a manager and with Roberts going off injured so early.
The way in which we conceded is a bit disappointing -another avoidable goal.

But given that we had no Green or Obinna ,To avoid another loss is probably a good achievement. To have lost again would have been a real downer going into Boxing Day. The gap to safety now being back down to 3 points looks a bit better .

This was hardly a performance though that suggests Grant shud carry on.

At 6:08 PM, Anonymous Brian N said...

mccarthy is just god awful, set up beautifully and just blows it, is hines not healthy?- that should have been him. i dont know why we would take him on the squad with all the younger guys with potential that could be there.

i've said it before that i dont think were going to see a change in manager but just bringing in a recycled guy probably isn't the answer. i would rather someone young who would just bring enthusiasm to get these guys playing, we're a talented enough squad to be mid table.

At 6:37 PM, Anonymous Apartamentos Nerja said...

our finishing was woefull, especially piqionne! Spend so long saying Grant should start him instead of Cole but on that performance WTF!

What was up with Obinna?

At 6:50 PM, Blogger Simon said...

Dreadfull first half, 2nd half was spirited but some many crap individuals who let the rest down. Barrera needs to be shipped off, stepping stone club my arse.. your shit mate. Junior looked great when he came on, gave us that extra effort. Spector is not a choice as midfield or even subs bench, looked good against a 2nd string manure midfield. Need to see noble, behrami, hines, collison and players of that calibre who give a shit and dont lose the ball and put us under pressure.
Ben Haim, Spector, Barrera, Boa Morte, Benni McCarthy all need to be let out to graze.
Positives from the game was once again Scott Parker, feel sorry for him playing with such a bunch of cabbages.

Getting rid of grant isnt the answer, its a poor squad with a decent enough starting 11, but keeping players fit has never been our forté. Neither has consistency!
Talk of big sam is worrying, i know i for one will have to really think about continuing support with that muppet in charge, scary times..

Fulham away is a 6 pointer, Everton at home another 3 needed.. If we cant do it before the new year, we deserve relegation. Simples.

At 7:40 PM, Anonymous Robbie the Hammer said...

Benni McCarthy should NEVER play for us again!
No heart, fat waste of space.

Ben-Haim is a mug. Hacks every thing in sight ALL game, then takes a bump on the face and acts like he was shot! Rolling around on the ground when the Rovers were attacking our goal in our box! GET UP AND DEFEND!

All in all a good point,

Well done Boffin, if Ben-Haim did not play the ball back towards the net, you would have had a clean sheet.

At 11:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you have to think about supporting the team in troubled times then please don't. I'm sure Man C or The Spuds will take you in. We don't need "Sing when you're winning" fans.We need that less than we need Cole. Frankly that train of thought is disgusting. So yeah, please feel free to take off the shirt and go join Defoe or Fatty Frank.

As for Barrea, he's probably still trying to work out what mud and snow is. I firmly believe in three years time he'll be a good cow to cash.

We could have lost. If Big Sam was there we would have. I'm realitivly happy with a point away to Blackburn. Not over the moon, but had you offered it to me last night, I'd have taken the valuable point.

Blackburns boardroom might be a joke but the team isn't. Us proforming badly and getting that point is a decent result given the season so far.

At 2:40 PM, Blogger Simon said...

Maybe you didnt read what i said properly.. i said if fat sam was to be appointed as manager of west ham i would have to "seriously thinking about continuing support with that muppet incharge"
I have the utter most hate for him as a manager and the style of football he plays.
It was said in jest, dont take things so litterally...

At 9:21 PM, Anonymous Holiday Rentals Nerja said...

Simon, I am constantly considering not supporting us anymore! lol it's an ongoing cycle of I fu**ing hate you bunch of *****! I just wish it was that easy because if it was I wouldn't be writing about it here now! haha


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