Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Official - It is Big Sam

Over the weekend the official West Ham website posted a story saying that you would hear news of who was the new West Ham manager first on the West Ham website.

They were wrong - as today the official site finally announced what everyone had heard already - Sam Allardyce is the new West Ham manager.

The site quotes Allardyce as saying,

"It is an honour to be the new manager of West Ham United. It is a fantastic club with a great tradition and loyal supporters who deserve to be in the Premier League. I can't wait to begin pre-season training as I am determined to get this club back where it belongs."

"I wouldn't have taken this job if I didn't think we could bounce straight back into the Premier League. More than that, I wouldn't have contemplated the job if I didn't think there was the opportunity to build something substantial at West Ham."

"There is a core of very talented young players at the club who've come up through the youth system, have West Ham in their blood and who I know I can build a successful team around.

"That's what I'm looking forward to, managing a club that wins more games than it loses and competing at the top of the table. We need to create a winning mentality and give the fans a team they can be proud to watch."

"I know there will be West Ham fans asking whether I'm going to abandon the style of play that's been the club's heritage over the years. All I'll say is it will be a tale of home and away.

"At Upton Park we'll attempt to play the kind of passing game the fans want. We will aim to continue in the same way on our travels but we'll also be tough, hard to beat and utterly resilient."


At 11:42 AM, Anonymous On the Fence said...

I take it that means a lot of last year's players are off then. They would never be handle two different styles on a week to week basis, they definately couldn't adapt in the half time break very easily.

Joking aside I am almost quite enthused, I think, maybe

At 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think its a positive move this appointment, so we may lose some players F''k em, get some in that will play for the shirt and give the youngsters the chance to shine.
Big sam will sort the bull shitters out we want players you will run there hearts out for us,not tossers who run around half heartedly with one eye on what colour Porsche they are going to buy with our hard earned cash!!!
Bob The Hammer


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