Saturday, April 15, 2006

Dean Ashton Wants to Recapture Form

West Ham striker Dean Ashton, speaking to Sky Sports, says he is keen to emulate his last game against City.

"I haven't scored since the City quarter final. It was a great night for me and the team and I hope tomorrow will be the same. It would be really disappointing for everyone if we just faded away now and finished with an average season in mid-table. We really want to push on. I am a harsh critic of myself, every player should be, it's how you improve - and my performances in recent weeks haven't been up to my expectations.

I need to get back on track and it would be great to score a couple of goals before the semi-final. I have only been here two and a half months and I only really felt fully settled at Norwich just before I left. It takes a year to be fully settled in but the trip we made to Dubai last week was really good for me. Being a new player it gave me a chance to bond with the players and get a bit of sun on my back."


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