Saturday, September 02, 2006

Corinthians Manager Happy With Transfer

The Corinthians 'technical director' Emerson Leao has said that he is "very happy" that Tevez and Mascherano have been transferred to West Ham. He saw both players as a disruptive influence at the club and claimed,

"Now I am with people who obey orders and that have the will to work with Corinthians the atmosphere is better."

One of Leao's first decisions when appointed manager of the team was to take the captainship of the side away from Tevez, claiming that no-one in the team could understand what he was saying. In August of this year Tevez refused to play for the club and a Corinthian's fan organisation responded with a statement speaking out against the player.

However Tevez remains popular in Argentina and not just for his football. He is also humourously admired for his off-pitch project of performing as frontman in his "Shantytown" Cumbia / Reggaeton musical group Piolavago with his brother Diego.


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