Friday, September 29, 2006

West Ham Hot Property

Eli Papouchado has told an Israeli newspaper that he is interested in buying West Ham only to make money from a property deal. This presumably means the consortium looking to buy West Ham have plans to sell off The Boleyn.

Considering the property values in London and the surrounding area I can't imagine that much money could be made from re-locating. So this suggests the consortium is either planning a ground share or, more likely, moving into the Olympic Stadium after 2012.

Either way it is likely that West Ham would end up not owning their ground. Alongside the players, the ground is a football club's major assett and I can't think of a club that hasn't had major difficulties after selling their ground.

Papouchado's revelation indicates that the consortium are interested in West Ham because they want to make money out of the club. They are therefore unlikely to be the cash cow that many fans hoped they would be. Mr Terence Brown may be the safer pair of hands after all.


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