Sunday, May 06, 2007

Jewell Shows Sense

It marked contrast to his chairman, Paul Jewell seems to have accepted that Wigan's position in the league owes nothing to the Premier League's decision to impose a record fine on West Ham. Jewell says,

"If rules have been broken they (the Premier League) have dealt with it and whether I agree with it or not is irrelevant really. We can't blame Carlos Tevez or West Ham for being in this predicament.

We haven't got 35 points because of Carlos Tevez - it is down to us."

In related news West Ham chairman Eggert Magnusson has told the other clubs at the bottom of the Premier League to put up or shut up,

"I believe that that is up to the Premier League. I can understand in a way but I cannot understand going everyday to the press and saying this and that. If they are going to make a legal challenge they should come out when they decide to do so. That's my opinion."


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