Saturday, May 05, 2007

Curbs Attacks Whelan

First the real news - Alan Curbishley is confident that Lucas Neill will play against Bolton tomorrow. There had been rumours that Neill, who picked up an ankle injury against Wigan might miss tomorrow's game. Carlos Tevez, who also picked up an ankle injury in training this week, should also be fit. So, arguably our two most important players are fit for our most important game.

And now the continuing bollocks of the Premier League hearing - Alan Curbishley, in a thinly veiled attack on the whining chairman of certain other Premiership clubs, has drawn attention to the loan system that allows some teams to influence the selection policies of others teams,

"Look at the system which allows Premiership clubs to loan out influential players."

Martin Samuel this week in The Times highlighted the case of Everton not being able to field Tim Howard against Man Utd. This is of course of no interest to Charlton, Fulham, Sheffield United and Wigan, who are all reported to be seeking legal advise over West ham's punishment.

So on the eve of the most important Saturday of the season our rivals are concentrating on the courts leaving us to worry about what happens on the pitch - Muppets.



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