Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Teams Breaking Rule U18

The Times today has an interesting article about a number of Premiership clubs who have in effect allowed a third party to materially influence the selection of players. This is of course in breach of rule U18, which West Ham were last week fined £2.5 million.

The Times point out that a number of Premiership clubs have loaned players from other Premiership clubs with clauses that says they can't play against the club that owns them. This is clearly in breach of Rule U18. For example Tim Howard (on loan from Man Utd) was not allowed to play for Everton against Man Utd at the weekend. His deputy Iain Turner let in four goals.

Of course Everton are not the only club to have done this. Watford in three matches against United this season (including an FA Cup semi-final), have fielded Richard Lee, the second choice goalkeeper to on loan Foster, and he has conceded ten goals. Clearly Watford have also allowed a third party (Man Utd again) to influence the selection of players.


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