Thursday, May 03, 2007

Whelan Reveals His Ignorance

Wigan Chairman Dave Whelan is threatening to sue the Premier League, West Ham and any team that beat them this season (OK the last bit is made up). In a statement Whelan claimed that West Ham,

"... broke the law, told blatant lies and should have got a 10-point penalty. If we can sue West Ham or the Premier League, I am sure that will happen."

Of course West Ham broke no laws, but Whelan is unlikely to let the facts stand in the way of his misguided ranting. As I've said before all Whelan achieves by spouting on like this is to create a culture of defeat at Wigan. It as if the chairman has already decided that the club is down, his whining has now been picked up by the manager and in effect between them they are telling the players that they have little faith in their ability to avoid relegation on the field.

Whelan now claims however that he has the support of other clubs for his ludicrous campaign,

"The chairmen and chief executives have all spoken and two, maybe three clubs are in the process of taking legal advice, Wigan being one of them."

God forbid that the relegation positions should be decided on the pitch.


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