Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Protest Effectively Over

Whining Whelan yesterday finally admitted that the 'gang of four' had no legal case against the league or West Ham. He then changed tack and started asking for proof that West Ham had changed Tevez's contract.

The BBC's Inside Sport last night confirmed that it had seen the letter that West Ham sent to the League proving Tevez was able to play for the club.

The letter clearly states,

"We hereby notify you that the private agreement (as so amended, varied, modified or replaced) is hereby terminated with immediate effect and shall cease to have any further force of effect."

Of course Whelan is still going to moan that he hasn't seen a note from Tevez's mum allowing her son to play, but as the clubs clearly haven't a leg to stand on Whelen should go quiet over the next couple of days and Sheffield United should eventually learn to accept their deserved fate.


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