Monday, May 14, 2007

Whelan Determined to Rain on West Ham Parade

Dave Whelan has lost no time in claiming that support for some kind of action against West Ham is growing. Whelan today claims that Boro have joined Fulham, Charlton, Wigan and Sheff Utd in the campaign against West Ham's record fine. Whelan also claims they will be joined by two more Premier League clubs.

Significantly, as yet, no spokesperson from Boro has confirmed Whelan's claim. Also, despite the papers' claims that Whelan is pushing ahead with a legal challenge, he actual now seems to be talking about a review of the case by the league,

"It has to be done quickly because the longer this goes on the less likelihood of the league reviewing it at all."

The Premier League have clearly stated that only West Ham can appeal the hearing's judgement. The League has also already informed the gang of four that they have no grounds to ask for a review.


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