Monday, June 25, 2007

No One In, No One Out

It seems that Reo-Coker's possible move to Aston Villa has stalled because of a disagreement between West Ham and Villa over his value.

The Bent transfer to West Ham fell through because Bent was too greedy (or couldn't work with Curbs). Now it seems Bent is also not moving to Sp@~s as they refuse to pay the silly money West Ham were offering for him. The knock on effect of this will probably be to scotch any thoughts West Ham might have had about resigning Defoe.

Shorey, Bridge and SWP, if you believe the press, also seem less than keen in joining West Ham.

The net effect of all this seems to be panic among a number of West Ham fans. But there is a long time to go yet and as long as Tevez is one of the players not leaving I'm still happy.


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