Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Sheffield Utd Launch High Court Appeal

Or not - The BBC and The Premier League are both saying that the Blades have launched an appeal in the High Court however the Sheffield United website say that they haven't. They claim that they merely informed the Premier League that they have applied to find out if the club can lodge an appeal through the Civil Courts.

Hopefully this is Sheffield United quickly backing down after they realised the likely consequences of any appeal to the courts. (see below)

The following was written after the story was published by the BBC and before the Blades quickly backed down:

Sheffield Utd have launched an appeal in the High Court claiming that the arbitration panel made an error in law by failing to send back the original decision to the independent disciplinary commission for reconsideration.

Sheffield Utd were unhappy with the findings of the independent disciplinary commission so they launched an appeal. They are now unhappy with the independent arbitration panel so are now going to the High Court. Idiots!

By taking legal redress Sheffield Wednesday are risking their status as a professional football club. Article 62 of the statutes of FIFA say that all football leagues must have a rule stipulating that disputes can not be taken to the courts. FIFA recently voted 198 votes to three to strengthen this provision to punish any "leagues, members of leagues, clubs, members of clubs, players, officials and other association official" who take their disputes to court.

In May The Times claimed that England could be suspended from international competition and English clubs prevented from playing Champions League and Uefa Cup matches if the Premier League is taken to court.

What would seem fairer would be to kick Sheffield United out of professional football. Who are not only breaking Article 62 of FIFA regulations but are breaking the terms of the arbitration process which clearly states all parties are bound by the arbitration panel's findings.


At 10:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you beauty

At 8:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

kick them out!


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