Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tevez, Tevz, Tevez

The Times are again trying to make more sensation out of the Tevez non-transfer. For about the fourth day running they have printed a huge article on this with no more information. Today's headline claims that the 'Tevez wrangle rumbles on after warning for West Ham'. The article then goes on to suggest that West Ham have been warned by the Premier League.

This 'warning' turns out to be the same 'warning' that The Times have been printing for at least a week, namely that the Premier League say Man Utd must negotiate with West Ham and not Kia Joorabchian. I find it interesting that none of the papers actually interpret this as a warning to Man Utd to stop tapping up a player and to actually deal with the club who owns his registration.

Interstingly The Times makes a completely different interpretation from The Mail and Sky on the same quotes from FIFA about this affair. Whereas The Times and The Mail sensationally reported that FIFA were ready to jump in, The Times seems to agree with us that this unnamed, unofficial statement,

"If we do receive a request we would then decide whether we have to look at it or if it is up to the FA to rule on it."

actually suggests they don't want to get involved. The Times in fact says FIFA does not want to get involved in what it sees as a domestic dispute.


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