Wednesday, July 11, 2007

West Ham Have Received No Offers for Tevez

According to The Daily Mail a West Ham club spokesman told them,

"As we have made clear, Tevez is a registered player with West Ham and has a player's contract and there is no change to that.

In order for this to change a formal offer has to be made for the player and we have made it clear that we would like the player to stay. At the moment no deal is in place for him to move."

This reads to me like West Ham are still determined to keep hold of Tevez. It certainly seems to indicate that Man Utd have come to no agreement with West Ham despite clearly knowing we hold his registration.

According to Sporting Life Tevez and MSI have written to West Ham asking for the club to transfer Tevez's registration. Both parties know full well that West Ham can not do this without falling foul of the Premier League. All sides now know that Man Utd most come to some agreement with West Ham not MSI and Man Utd clearly are making no attempt to do this.

Both The Mail and Sky Sports are claiming that FIFA are ready to intervene in Tevez's transfer. However from the quotes both are carrying it is clear that FIFA have said no such thing. According to Sky a FIFA spokesman said,

"If we do receive a request we would then decide whether we have to look at it or if it is up to the FA to rule on it."

Which far from justifies The Mail and Sky trying to claim that FIFA are keen to intervene.


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