Monday, July 09, 2007

Bellamy - the new Keegan or bellend?

Craig Bellamy seems to be one of those players that opposition fans love to hate. He certainly seems to get beneath the skin of some people. But not Danny Gabbidon who is full of praise for his Welsh colleague,

"He would love it at West Ham. He would be an instant fans' favourite. Craig is a quality player, but what West Ham fans would love is that he never stops running, even if the team are 3-0 down.

"He is a defender's nightmare, like a terrier snapping at your heels. I have never known him give less than 100 per cent. Craig would be a great signing for us and would definitely improve the squad."

Bellamy's most famous knocker is of course Alan Shearer. Newcastle chairman Freddie Shepherd claimed,

"Alan Shearer told Bellamy he would knock his block off if he ever returned to Newcastle",

after Bellamy reportedly sent insulting text messages to Shearer after losing to Man United in the FA Cup semi-final.

However getting up Alan Shearer's nose will put a tick in the positive column for many people. What is more worrying is that he seems to have annoyed just about everyone during his time at Newcastle. Graeme Souness said of him,

"He can't play for me ever again. He has been a disruptive influence from the minute I walked into this club. He can't go on television and accuse me of telling lies."

And former Newcastle assistant Terry McDermott claimed,

"I've never come across so much hatred and unrest over one person - what I've learned about him has astonished me."

At Celtic he also annoyed the even-tempered and choir-boy behavioured John Hartson who fumed,

"I'll be having a word. I've been here four years now and you simply cannot afford to go around like he does and say the things he does".

But there are just as many football professionals who have only positive things to say about Bellamy. Like Danny Gabbidon his Welsh team mates concentrate on the good qualities of Bellamy,

"Craig is the closest thing to Kevin Keegan. Their work-rates are very similar - Craig just runs and runs, and so did Kevin." (John Toshack)

"When Craig turns up for training, he trains properly and when he plays he has a go and puts 100% effort in. He is a top professional, with a proven temperament, and is a great ambassador for Wales." (Dean Saunders)

And his other managers have also been fulsome in their praise of Bellamy,

"He is not a one dimensional player, he has a bit of everything and has the ability and intelligence to take information on." (Gordon Strachan after signing Bellamy for Coventry, August 2000).

"We've got a player who I feel is one of the best of his type in Europe." (Mark Hughes after signing Bellamy for Rovers in July 2005).

"Craig played in midfield and I thought he was Lubo Moravcik for a while, making little incisive passes in around the box." (Martin O'Neill praising Bellamy during his Parkhead loan spell).


At 9:12 PM, Anonymous Pinski said...

I don't think that many people question his talent so much as the fact that he's INSANE.

Lest we not forget what he tried to do to Riise, which for non-Liverpool fans is awesomely hillarious. However if he were to do that to say Tevez, we wouldn't want him anywhere near the team.

I hope that it doesn't happen again, but considering the lack of friends he seems to have made I'm not optimistic.


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