Friday, August 10, 2007

Eggert Dig at Al Fayed

The Daily Express reporting on yesterday's interviews by Eggert Magnusson claim West Ham "have splashed out £25 million" this summer. Despite the fact that the club have taken in as nearly as much from player's sold the media want to portray West Ham as the team inflating transfer values.

It seems that Al Fayed is bearing the brunt of Magnusson's's anger. Fulham backed Sheffield United's attempts to get West Ham relegated and Eggert had this to say about the West London club,

"Obviously, we refused and played him. How can you buy a player for £5m and not play him, it’s crazy. The Fulham request was an attempted outside influence on my club. There have been things that have happened that make me ­wonder why it is only my club being ­criticised."


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