Friday, August 03, 2007

West Ham to Receive £2 million

Most of the papers seem to believe that West Ham will receive £2 million from MSI in exchange for Carlos Tevez's registration. Importantly for West Ham the payment is an acknowledgement from MSI that indeed West Ham did own the player's registration.

This in effect means that Sheffield United will have little chance of mounting a case of compensation against West Ham. It is believed that West Ham and MSI have signed a secrecy agreement as well so that if Joorabchian does hold any more 'explosive' documents they will never be released to the public.

MSI are spinning that they paid more than they wanted because Tevez was keen for the whole affair to be settled so that he could move clubs as quickly as possible. West Ham are claiming victory as MSI have acknowledge that West Ham owned Tevez's registration. However neither side can claim to have come out of this mess smelling of roses.


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