Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sack McClaren Now

The FA must take a lot of the blame for the sorry state of the national side. The idea of appointing the inexperienced McClaren seemed ludicrous at the time and just seemed more and more ridiculous with each game.

The FA have had ample opportunity to rectify the mistake but have shown a lack of leadership in allowing McClaren to continue in the role. The FA must also take responsibility for the state of the pitch. Allowing an American football game to destroy the pitch before England's most important game yet at the new Wembley beggars belief.

And so to tonight's game. England just needed a draw so the decision seemed simple, go with experience and a 4-4-2. OK, McClaren was forced into playing an inexperienced defence but why he thought it would be a good idea to expose them by playing three up front seems strange. He also decided to go with a goalkeeper who can't get into the first team at his own club rather than the in form Robert Green.

During the game you just had to look at Bilic. He never left the sideline and never stopped telling his players where to go and what to do. McClaren on the other hand sat or stood a long way from the touchline with a look of panic in his eyes. He didn't seem to have one word of advice for his bewildered players and (as in every England game) seemed more concerned with where his water bottle was than what was happening on the pitch.

I just hope the FA sack McClaren now before the game finishes. I no longer think he should be allowed the dignity of resigning.

Rant over.


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