Thursday, November 29, 2007

The West Ham Connection

The Times are the first to link yesterday's arrests with West Ham. It was inevitable that with West Ham's recent history and the fact that two out of the five men arrested yesterday over corruption in football once worked for West Ham that the media would start putting two and two together and coming up with five.

The Times today ran an article entitled "Old pals’ act that survived fallout from Upton Park". You would have thought that any article about yesterday's arrests would have concentrated on Portsmouth but the fact that Redknapp and Storrie were once at West Ham obviously means that 'Upton Park' must come in The Times' headline.

The substance of the story is that Storrie and Redknapp once had an argument at West Ham that lasted 24 hours before they were out socialising again with their wives.

I for one think that on the day of an attempted coup in the Philippines, the jailing of a woman for naming a teddy bear Mohammed and another outbreak of Ebola in Africa that The Times should concentrate on a minor spat between a West Ham manager and his chief executive over 12 years ago.

FFS talk about trying to create smoke without fire.


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