Monday, December 03, 2007

Uriah Rennie Leads the Way for Referees

Uriah Rennie
After complaining about referees for the last two weeks because of their dodgy penalty decisions and their awarding of goals that are clearly offside, today it was nice to see a referee get it right for once.

I thought Mr Uriah Rennie gave a master class today on the role of the fourth official. Watching Match of the Day you could clearly see the ref in the Sp#r's game holding his earpiece and mouthing the words,

"I'm sorry Uriah did you say 'Gone on, send the Irish to$$er off?'"


At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol, yerh its nice to see a yid bastard sent off! and im glad they blew the game late on , now jermane defoe will be even more pissd off coz of the penalty save from green last wk , i hope it plays on his mind for the rest of his life and destroys him, then and only then will he of had his just deserves for handing in a trans/request 24hrs after he got us relegated. im not bitter (much) but nothing is to bad for him and those scabby yids, hope you get sent down. west ham till i die !!!!


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