Friday, November 30, 2007

West Ham vs Chelsea Manager

Alan Curbishley has been pointing out this week that Chelsea are just as boring a side under Dr. Death Avram Grant as they were under the 'one with special needs'.

"I don’t think the style has changed,” Curbishley said. “They play a certain way. It suits them. They are talking about it as if it’s a different game. The side was established before and there has been no change to personnel. All that has happened over the past couple of months is that they have got their players back."

Curbishley also referred this week to the Chelsea team's inclination to try and bully the referee.

"The top four teams get after the referees more than the other teams."

Avram Grant has responded to Curbishley's accusation that Chelsea always argue over the referees' decisions by arguing about the referees' decisions (kind of proving Curbishley's point there Avram),

"I don't think that he believes that. Psychology war, it's OK - you can say anything. But you can see the facts. I don't want to speak about the other teams but there have been three red cards against us in the last three months and none of them was a red card. If this equals privilege I don't want to think about other situations."


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