Monday, January 28, 2008

West Ham's High Wages

The News of the World has rehashed the story of Ashton and Neill being unhappy about their current contracts. The paper says that the summer signings were given generous wage deals that have left Ashton and Neill drawling with envy.

The paper says Ljungberg is on £80,000 a week and that Parker and Dyer are not far behind. They repeat the rumour that Eggy was pushed out because of the personal terms he negotiated with the players.

The News of the World seems to think the players are heading for a showdown with the club because Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson has determined that the players can no longer dictate the terms of their contracts.

Curiously the paper doesn't mention the other rumour that both Ashton and Neill have been told that they will have to wait until the summer before the club will discuss new contracts.


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