Tuesday, April 15, 2008

West Ham Medical Team Phone in Sick

Yesterday's Evening Spamhead claims that West Ham "are set to make major changes in the rehabilitation and treatment of injured players", after Anton Ferdinand became the latest to join the club's lengthening list of non-walking wounded.

The paper says the board has been concerned not just with the number of players injured but with the length of time it has taken some players to recover. The Times say that West Ham have ordered a team from London's Roehampton University to investigate the club's medical facilities and rehabilitation programmes.

The Times also reveal that West Ham have e-mailed other Premier League clubs about Rule U18. In preparation for its defence against Sheffield United's claim for compensation Peter Barnes, the West Ham secretary, sent an e-mail to his counterparts on April 10 asking them if they were aware that Rule U18 prohibited third party ownership.

“Our legal team have asked me to see whether you would be prepared to assist with a written witness statement which they can help you to prepare to aid our case,” Barnes wrote. “The question is: 'When you were involved in transfers in Season 2006-7 did any of you other than referring to the Sections K, L and M ever consult or have need to refer to Rule U18 or indeed ever really know of its existence?' I confirm if you agree to assist it would only involve a written statement and not an appearance at court.”

It seems a poor defence to me. I thought even school children were aware of the cliche that 'ignorance is no defence of the law'


At 2:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds as if the legal team also needs to be shown the door.

At 8:02 AM, Anonymous portugal said...

If you examine what s gone on in terms of results on th epitch, in terms of our "medical performance" and in terms of our "legal performance" over an 18 month period, yes ,I think this is all evidence of the need for real change at the club.

getting the club to be a consistent top 7 side is going to require significant change in every aspect of the way the club is run. The club needs to be able to function as a 21st century enterprise ,and to be able to compete properly. That is not going to happen if the club continues to operate as it did before.

I find it difficult to make an objective decision regarding Curbishley. I can argue the case strongly both to keep him ,and also to replace him,altho gun to the head, I d probably choose to find someone better. But in terms of player personnel,in terms of legal and medical staff, and very possibly in terms of those responsible for financing and accounting issues ,changes have to be made. Top clubs don t get there and stay there solely by what goes on inside the park- what happens off the pitch also matters.

This club enjoys fanatical support. And that support deserves a club that is run properly ,in every way,shape and form, without excuses.


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