Wednesday, April 09, 2008

West Ham Would Be Relegated Without Etherington

If you look at the statistics of West Ham's results when Matthew Etherington plays compared to the results when he doesn't play it becomes obvious just what a vital role he plays for the team. If Matty played every game of this season we could have qualified for the Champions League, if Matty hadn't played any games for us this season we could have been looking at relegation.

This season Etherington has made 15 starts in the league. West Ham have also played 18 games without Etherington in the starting line-up.

Of the 15 games that Matthew Etherington has started West Ham have won 8 and scored in all but two of those games.

Of the 18 games when Etherington hasn't started West Ham have managed just 5 wins and have not scored in half of those games. West Ham have picked up just 19 points when Etherington hasn't started. If you extrapolated that to a whole season that would be the equivalent of 38 points - or the number of points Sheffield Utd were relegated with last season.

Conversely West Ham have picked up 28 points in the 15 games that Etherington has played in. Extrapolate that for a season and that comes to about 68-70 points and an almost cast iron guaranteed Champions League place.

I think this underlines how much we miss Matty's pace when he is not in the side and the team does seem to be slow and ponderous without him.

When / if all West Ham's players are fit we will look quite strong down the right hand side but looking at West Ham's results this year underlines the need for cover down the left wing.


At 12:13 PM, Anonymous portugal said...

Agree - as the tables don t lie, nor do the statistics,especially the ones in question. Im inclined to think if you add Dyer into the mix ,such that if either Etherington or Dyer was available for most ,if not all matches, that our points haul wud be significantly higher. Im assuming that Dyer can play on either side of the park if need be, as Solano can.

here is a question. we ve obviously had a horrific injury list,not just now ,but all through the season. If people had to pick 3,and only 3,players who have been medium to long term absentees ,who cud have a big impact on the club ,who wud they be? Im not including Ashton,as he is at least on his way back to fitness.

Pick from the following:
Zamora( including him as he has only very recently come back)
Ljungberg (including him,because this is second time he s been out this term)

My three,which Im sure many will disagree with, wud be,not necessarily in order:


if pressed to name a fourth ,I d probbaly go with Dyer over Bellamy,which again, Im sure many will not agree with

At 1:32 PM, Blogger TrekkerPMP said...

I think Bellars, Ethers and Ljungberg -- although right as Dyer sustained his injury he was rounding into form, showing pace and creating havoc down the right-mid.

Bellamy teamed with Ashton up top would've provided I think a lot of what Sears/ Ashton looks to provide - a combo of pace and physical presence. If you have a healthy Bellamy, you don't see as much of that hack LBM or Cole, even though I like what he brought to the table a ton more than LBM.

Ethers playing on the left would've allowed Noble to play a more central role alongside Parker - meaning Mullins sits and Ljungerg stays on the right.

Having Freddie start on the right gives all sorts of options as he can run the flank or slide inside behind the forwards to give a 2-1-3-4/ 3-3-4 look. Further, it allows Solano to come off the bench deep in matches, fresh with playmaking ability. At this stage of his career it is rare that he's going to give more than 60-75 minutes of quality anyhow.

Just think - hindsight is 20-20, but the following could be fielded:

2: Ashton -- Bellamy
4: Etherington -- Parker -- Noble -- Ljungberg
4: McCartney -- Upson -- Ferdinand -- Neill

Take your pick for the bench depending on the day's strategy: Dyer, Cole, Zamora, Gabiddon, Spector, Solano, Faubert, Sears, Collins, Tompkins

At 2:40 PM, Blogger Keir Clarke said...

Obviously - having written the post - I'd have to say Etherington.

I'd also say Bellamy. When he has been available he's looked impressive.

Upson - we need him in defence.

Obviously I'm hoping that a fit Dyer will make a huge difference to the team - but it is hard to judge never actually having seen him play for West Ham.

At 3:16 PM, Anonymous portugal said...

cheers for the responses lads


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