Monday, May 26, 2008

Sears - West Ham and England Hero

Freddie Sears scored both of England Under-19's goals in their 2-0 over Poland. It was Sears' first start for the Under 19's. His first goal came in the 29th minute, his second was from the penalty spot in the 85th minute.

James Tomkins also played, helping England to keep a clean sheet.


At 8:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well here we go again all this talk from the owner about wage bill to high squad to big the need for young talent to come through all very right and proper , but as usual this way of thinking in the prem will result in relegation the owner is talking through his wallet not what is best for west ham , like it or not to stay up you need either to pay big wages or buy big name players the young stars of the futre we have at upton park are going to go the same way as rio frank defoe carrick the list is endless , will we ever get a board that wakes up to the fact that IF you hang on to the best we could be right up there pushing for europe , but i think the owner belives it can all be done on a tight budget dream on .

At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree that the reality is that spending is required ,not only for us ,but for any club with real ambitions of being in top 7. Also agree that holding onto the promising youngsters is essential.

I think in fairness ,the owner has spent some money,tho unfortunately a chunk of that was in january 2007 to avoid relegation. I also think ,in fairness,the overall economic situation ,and specifically the problems with Icelandic banks ,are making it that much tougher. I don t think it s so much a case of the owner not wanting to spend,as it is of his hands being a bit tied,temporarily.

Altho i share the concerns of the previous poster, I m still optimistic big picture ,despite the economy . Why ? for 2 reasons. I don t think that the owner wud have bothered hiring Nani if he wasn t serious about moving the club forward. Also, I think this owner is a smarter business person than the previous owner,and fully grasps the idea that if he does not spend enough, the club will go nowhere ,and he in turn will make nothing on his investment. I think this owner knows that he has no chance of making any money from WHU unless the club is in the top 7 within a reasonable time frame - which in turn means he has no option but to invest properly in the club.

But I think the investment will take time, and until this credit crunch eases ,I think we re going to have to be patient- more patient than we want to be

g portugal


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