Sunday, September 07, 2008

Zola & Donadoni Impress

West Ham director Mike Lee has been talking to BBC 5 Live and revealed that Gianfranco Zola and Roberto Donadoni "really shone" in their interviews for the manager's position. He also revealed that West Ham plan to talk to Michael Laudrup and Slaven Bilic this week.

More worryingly Lee also seemed to hint very heavily that the new manager won't have much money to spend. Lee repeated the board's recent mantra that West Ham have a very strong squad that doesn't need strengthening. Never mind the fact that half that squad are crocks.


At 5:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is going on????

All of a sudden we are awash with Itailian candidates. I know it should be no surrpise given that that the Director of Football(Nani)is Italian, and that the new manager will have to cope with the continental way of working, but what has happened in the last 5 years. It was not long ago tha Alan Pardew was frowned upon as manager as he had no connection with Wet Ham before his appointment. Maybe so but at least he had a connection with England, and could speak the language (and got us to a cup final-which we were robbed at)

Either way, it now seems that we are getting an Italian Manager or Slaven Billic. Billic has said he wants to see out his contract with Croatia. Good on him. Impressed that somone has some principals. Needless to say the West Ham board ar not content with that. No lets tap him up, etc etc and if we get him i am sure that this will become and issue.

I am not being racist, as i would love to see Di Canio as the boss if he had some more experience. He has not, and therefore alas the time is not right for him.

What does concern me is that we are choosing a manager so that he can get on with the driector of football, who lets be honest, has been there for 10 minutes and has done nothing to inspire me. Yet the club will be built around him, as no one else at the club has a clue what football is about. It seems that even he has no clue about what West Ham is about. Had the Italina, French or Mexican leagues made more money than the premiership then all of the board Nani and eveeryone else would be in those conutries touting the business. Luckily for us, they have come here.

At least when takeovers happen at say Man City they get some money to spend. Instead we get a distantly reoved board who have no intention of spending anything much other than compensating a whole list of managers.

I was thinking how quite the Hammers were over the summer, but by this happeneing now, at least the board do not have explian why we can make no more signings given that the window is now closed.

So let look forward to a future of Italian football, when success is a one nil win with a penalty in the seventh minute and hanging on to that lead (they wil have a shock trying to teach our defence that one), corruption, diving, no club loyalty and aa differnet manager every other season (even if he has won us the premiership).

There are loads of decent English Managers. unfortunately they are not of the same breed as the Italian yes men.

Sorry about the rant!!!!


The whols heart of the club will be gone. History moved aside

It has been said the AC was poor in the transfer market

At 10:29 PM, Anonymous Ronnie the Red said...

Bilic's priciples will be stretched by filthy lucre. Current wage as Croatia manager £100,000
whereas Prem managers seem to be nearer the £1m pa mark.

We get what we deserve, the whole pack of cards will come down once the emperors new clothes are seen for what they are and the new money billionaires find another game to play with

Long live the revolution, brother


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