Thursday, September 04, 2008

West Ham Contradict Curbs - McCartney Doesn't

West Ham vice-chairman Asgeir Fridgeirsson has told the BBC that the club reject Alan Curbishley's plans that their transfer decisions over the last two weeks represented a 'breach of trust and confidence'. Fridgeirsson said that,

"Alan agreed with the plans, but was then reluctant to reach all the difficult decisions about the squad."

Unfortunately for West Ham George McCartney has also been talking to the BBC and has exposed the board's lies to the fans,

"I have seen on the West Ham website I handed in a written transfer request. I never did anything of the sort. Probably the board at West Ham are trying to cover their tracks.

"I did propose that for family reasons I would like to move back North. But the manager said 'no' I wasn't leaving and just to concentrate on West Ham.

"I was happy to stay. That was on the Friday and I played my part in the Blackburn game on the Saturday. The thought of leaving was finished as far as I was concerned but then something changed. I got on an indication on Sunday that I could be on my way.

"These are strange times at West Ham and no-one really knows what is going on at boardroom level. They have not been behind Alan Curbishley since the start of the season. It was a difficult time for him - they did not trust him with any money to spend.

"I cannot understand how a manager can be under so much pressure. He saved us from relegation and we finished 10th last year. This season has been the club's best start for years.

"I loved my time under Alan Curbishley, got on well with him and never had any problems with him. West Ham was the place to be and I loved my two years there."


At 8:00 PM, Blogger Randisco said...

Good on George to tell the truth and to defend Curbs...

what is going on with this club, these actions are completely disgraceful.

and what direction are the Chairman and Nani taking us right now? Icelandic and Hungarian youth in, Italians, Congolese... Curbs out, Anton out. I'm no xenophobe, but I am proud of the clubs tradition of staying a mostly English team in a time when some clubs in the prem are abandoning that ideal.


At 12:53 AM, Anonymous Rowly said...

I don't know who I'd prefer - terence brown or the icelandics on the board???!!!!
well done george for sticking up for curbs and making the board look foolish and stupid!
worrying time for us claret and blues!!


At 12:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i did not believe the board anyway. He had only just signed a new contract.

This is a kak tyiem for West ham. Who is gonna want to walk into this.

Not sure the Itailian Revolution is what we need. Sven will be appointed soon


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