Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It Was the Selling of George

Alan Curbishley, talking to Sky Sports, revealed that the selling of George McCartney behind his back was the final straw,

"It was the culmination of events over the weekend. The transfer of George McCartney, which I was vehemently against, with the injuries to other defenders, with the sale of Anton Ferdinand. It was that more than anything that got to me.

On Sunday morning I went into a meeting with Scott Duxbury to discuss perhaps bringing some loans in. I was told I wouldn't be in that position unless someone left the club. I said let's go home then because I don't want anyone to leave."

When the club brought in Gianlua Nani it was emphasised that the manager would still be in charge of the players he wanted to bring into the club and those he wanted to leave. This is clearly no longer the case. 

It would be interesting to know who now makes the decisions over which players to buy and sell. Is it Duxbury, Nani or BG?

And how attractive a postion will the West Ham manager's job be when candidates will know they will have little input into which players will play for the team?


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