Thursday, September 04, 2008

Curbs To Have One More Battle with Board

It appears that Alan Curbishley may be due some hefty compensation from West Ham. It has been apparent for a while that the board at West Ham were desperate for Alan Curbishley to quit so that they wouldn't have to pay him any severance. So, when Alan Curbishley quit, the board were only too happy to accept, delighted in the thought that Curbs would miss out on his big pay off.

However, according to The Daily Mail, Alan Curbishley had a clause in his contract saying that he had the final say on who was signed or released. So since resigning Curbishley has been very clear in claiming that the sale of George McCartney without his permission was the reason he was forced to resign and, according to The Mail, he was with his lawyers yesterday afternoon to discuss what he clearly considers a breach of contract.

According to The Daily Mail the West Ham board are now arguing that Curbishley was present at the board meeting when it was agreed to sell McCartney and nodded his head in agreement. I wonder how that will appear on the minutes.


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