Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Curbs to Sue West Ham

According to The Express Alan Curbishley is the latest to take up the new national sport of suing West Ham. The paper claims that Curbs is to sue West Ham for £1million over breach of contract.

As much as I have sympathy for the way Curbs was treated, the fact that he resigned from the club would suggest he would find it hard to claim breach of contract. In fact West Ham could sue him for breach of contract.


According to the BBC West Ham have told Alan Curbishley that they will fight any compensation claim. The club say he waived any right to compensation when he resigned.

According to the BBC, Curbishley argues the club broke a clause in his contract guaranteeing him a say in all transfer dealings. The former Charlton boss says this was not the case during his final months at Upton Park, when he argues the club sold defenders Anton Ferdinand and George McCartney against his wishes.


At 2:36 PM, Blogger Simon said...

he isnt the type of money seeking wanker that football is associated. press like this is what is wrong with football..


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