Friday, July 10, 2009

West Ham TV Coverage

So Sky have announced that West Ham will appear only once in their pre-Christmas coverage of live Premier League football. The game is West Ham vs Arsenal on Sunday, 25th October (4.15pm).

Only West Ham, Wigan Athletic, Hull City and Birmingham City feature only once in this period. I can't believe I've been moaning about Match of the Day's coverage of West Ham, they at least put us on, even if it is normally after the end credits.

ESPN will be showing three West Ham games live:

Sunday, 23rd August - West Ham United v Tottenham Hotspur, (1:30pm)

19th September - West Ham United v Liverpool: Saturday, (5:15pm)

28th September - Manchester City v West Ham United: Monday, (8:00pm)


At 12:50 PM, Anonymous West_Ham said...

Sky's whole philosphy on broadcasting football matches is all wrong. It always has been. They could give us channels for our club (i.e. West Ham TV) but instead they only seek to maximise their revenue. A classic example of a non customer focussed company. Ever tried cancelling your Sky subscription? Good luck with that.

Televising football matches in a way which pleases fans isn't helped by that stupid rule which makes showing live 3pm kick off matches illegal. Surely this rule is out of date now.

BTW how do we watch ESPN in the UK?


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