Monday, August 10, 2009

Upson Set to Join City

KUMB are reporting that a deal to sell Upson to Man City is set to be completed. They say that West Ham are selling Upson for £12.5 million but that an announcement will be delayed until West Ham sign a forward.

KUMB claim that most of the £12.5 million will be swallowed up by CB Holdings but some will be released to secure a striker.


At 4:52 PM, Anonymous West Ham Till AFTER I Die said...

I think the worst thing Duxbury did when he came out with his recent interviews was to make it seem as though we have money. He didnt say it out right but the way he was going on about us chasing players, he gave us a false sense of hope.

He should have just said we have no money and will work as hard as we can to get quality in on loan. We fans would have genuinely understood that and waited, but now we have this situation where fans have had enough waiting.

I think Upson wants to win something and with his age, it probably wont be with us. I dont mind him going IF its for good money. We got Gabbidon back, hopefully fit for some time to come. I always believed he was our best defender on the ground. Awesome reading of the game.

Kumb also linked us with the horse man Nistelrooy. Exactly what we need but will he come? If we can strike a loan deal with Real where they pay part of his wages, it will be good.

What do I have to do to get on your blog roll Keir?


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